What you need to know about Britney Spears’ conflict with her guardian father

The singer, most likely, will soon return to the stage again, having gained independence from her father.

Britney Spears is preparing for a high-profile trial with her father Jamie Spears. It is believed that it is through his fault that the singer cannot return to the stage, although she is already able to do so. The PopcornNews editors decided to tell the whole story of Britney’s 13-year “war” with her father James.

How did it all start?

Britney Spears in 2003 admitted for the first time that she uses drugs. Later, in 2007, after drunk driving, the police obliged the singer to regularly donate blood for tests.

But Spears decided not to give up the addiction, which eventually led her to the psychiatric hospital bed at UCLA in 2008. Then the doctors found the singer insane, and therefore her father, James Spears, had to take custody of her.

What does such guardianship oblige?

First of all, the father had to make sure that Britney Spears’ treatment goes smoothly, and the singer herself understands its need. According to experts, Britney “could not properly meet her personal needs for physical health, food, clothing and shelter.”

Psychiatrists have recognized Britney as a person who, at this stage, is not able to make rational decisions on her own. This means that James Spears received all the property and all the finances of the singer. Later, Britney’s second guardian was Andrew Wallett, James’s lawyer.

People noticed something was wrong and organized the #FreeBritney movement

As the years passed, Britney got better. Since 2019, she began to actively use Instagram, and fans noticed that the singer looks good and behaves quite adequately.

Many began to suspect that the singer’s father was embellishing the situation and still keeping Britney in slavery, calmly managing her millions. Activists organized the #freebritney movement and even staged several protests in Los Angeles.

It is curious that celebrities have also joined the movement. Paris Hilton is “drowning” with all her might for the abolition of custody of Spears, and Jason Alexander, Britney’s ex-husband, was seen at the protests.

The case is moving towards the end

In 2020, Spears decided to involve lawyers from her hired Loeb & Loeb LLP in her guardianship. The court sided with Britney and ruled that from now on, her attorney, lawyer Samuel Ingham, can manage half of the star’s finances.

Having regained half of her fortune, Spears grew noticeably bolder. In June of this year, she was able to achieve that on her behalf to appear in court. Very soon she will demand a complete abolition of custody of her, and it is very likely that she will achieve her goal.

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