What will and will not show Apple on September 15?

Tomorrow, September 15, at 10 a.m. PDT, Apple will host a special event to showcase new products. Apparently, it won’t be without surprises. And the first will be the lack of iPhones.

iPhone 12

Yes, despite the fact that for seven years in a row, starting in 2012, Apple will present new iPhones in September. But this year the tradition will have to be broken. 2020 has gone so far that we will have to wait for another month, or even two, for new iPhones.

The reason is simple: coronavirus. And even Apple, with its well-established relationships with suppliers, was unable to cope with the task of releasing iPhones on time. According to rumors, the mass production launch was only launched at the end of last week.

Of course, you can remember 2017 and 2018. First, the iPhone X was shown, which went on sale almost two months after the presentation, and a year later, the iPhone XR was shown, released in late October. But it’s worth remembering that other models went on sale anyway right after the presentation, which Apple cannot provide this year.

According to various sources, the presentation of the new iPhones will take place in October. John Prosser named the week where Tuesday (the traditional day for Apple presentations) falls on October 13th. But it may well happen that the new iPhones will be shown at all on October 6. However, even in this case, two of some models will only go on sale in November. According to some sources, these are conditional iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max, according to others – a small iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen (some sources call it the iPhone 12 mini) and 12 Pro Max.

So there will probably be no iPhones at tomorrow’s presentation.

Apple Watch

The new Apple watch traditionally shows in September, starting in 2016. And this year will be no exception. Moreover, compensating for the lack of iPhones, the company will show two watch models at once.

These will be conditional Apple Watch 6 and Apple Watch SE. The first will receive the same design as the fifth generation, which did not differ much from the fourth. The main innovation is a blood oxygen level sensor and greater performance.

The second model is an updated Apple Watch 3. They will receive updated hardware, but the design with large bezels will remain the same. But the price is lower!

iPad Air

Another device worth waiting for tomorrow’s presentation with 90% confidence. The design is the same as that of the iPad Pro (2018), but instead of Face ID there will be Touch ID built into the power button, a regular 60Hz screen, and a weaker processor than the “firmware”. And probably USB Type-C and support for the second-generation Apple Pencil!

The model will cost about the same as the third generation tablet – $ 499.

New operating systems
Apparently, at tomorrow’s event, Apple will finally present three operating systems: iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and watchOS 7. The release date is still unknown.


Rumors of a special tag that can be thrown into, say, a suitcase to track its location in the Locator app have been circulating since last year, and last February, well-known insider Min-Chi Kuo even announced that the tag would be shown in the summer.

But only something went wrong and Apple’s roadmap changed. This is a common practice for the company. For example, Apple delayed the release of the second-generation AirPods by more than six months, although the headphones, apparently, were already in the company’s warehouses.

The reason for the delay is unknown. But, according to the latest data, which was published by the very famous and reliable Bloomberg author Mark Gurman, AirTag will not be shown at tomorrow’s event. The release is likely to take place in October along with iPhones.

Overhead AirPods

Tomorrow I will be very sad: the headphones that I have dreamed of hearing since April 2018, when I first wrote about them, will not be shown on September 15. Headphones, according to Mark Gurman, will be released at the end of the year, which may indicate a presentation in November, which Apple will displace from the end of October.

These will be very expensive wireless headphones. In one of the previous texts, I predicted an official price close to the initial cost of the second-generation iPhone SE.

At the same time, prices will be comparable to competitors – just between the Sony WH-1000XM4 ($ 349) and Bose Noise Canceling Headphones 700 ($450).

The larger AirPods, which are said to be called AirPods Studio, will receive features similar to the AirPods Pro: active noise canceling, multiple microphones, spatial audio (only available with the release of iOS 14). Of the pleasant chips are easily replaceable ear pads, as well as the ability not to worry about which side to put on the headphones: they themselves will determine where the left ear is and where is the right one.

New Mac

Alas, but not even here: apparently, updates of upcoming computers should be expected no earlier than November. Do not wait tomorrow for the first ARM-based Mac, which was announced back in June at WWDC 2020.

Apple has promised to release this computer at the end of the year. Accordingly, the announcement will take place sometime in November.

The coronavirus situation has forced the company to revise its roadmap. As a result, the two traditional fall events seem to have turned into three online events. The first one will take place tomorrow, September 15th. The second one, where new iPhones and AirTag will be shown, personally I expect either 6 or 13 October. But the third fall event, which will show the first Mac on ARM, will take place in November.

Three online events instead of the traditional two look much more interesting from the point of view of Apple’s PR: until October, journalists and bloggers will be procrastinating on the topic of watches and iPads. October is a month about iPhones. And in November we will already be discussing with might and main the revolution that Apple has made in the world of computers.

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