What the bunker of Queen Elizabeth II looks like in case of a nuclear strike

The asylum has been preserved since the Cold War.

Photos of a military bunker, which was built to protect Elizabeth II and those close to the queen, appeared on the Web. The structure has three floors and is partially hidden underground. According to EdinburghLive, the bunker is located near Korstorfin Hill in a suburb of Edinburgh, Scotland.

It was built in the 40s of the last century, and in 1952, when Great Britain, together with a number of other Western countries, felt a nuclear threat from the USSR, the royal refuge was expanded to almost 2,800 m².

It can accommodate all members of the British government, military, police, firefighters, medics and BBC staff. It is one of the largest underground military installations in the UK, and its existence was kept a closely guarded secret until 1963.

The object was declassified when anti-war activist group Spies for Peace broke into a similar bunker in the English city of Reading and gained access to a nationwide scheme. Despite this, the Edinburgh bunker was decommissioned only in 1983, when the building was damaged by two fires, making it unusable.

Today, the bunker is owned by Scotscrown Ltd., a private company whose owners want to turn it into a museum in the hopes that one of the most protected sites in the past will become a tourist asset.

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