What is happening in the world because of the coronavirus?

On February 20, the lowest incidence of coronavirus in China over the past month was recorded. Chinese doctors explained this by adjusting the data.

Over the past day, 394 people have fallen ill in China, according to the state health Committee of China. This is the minimum since January 23. Over the previous day, 1,693 cases were identified. The doctors explained to these figures the adjustment of statistical data. For example, the result of the analysis in 279 people was rechecked — the presence of the virus in the body was not confirmed.

Mortality has also decreased over the past day: 114 deaths were recorded, and 136 people died from the coronavirus a day earlier. The total number of victims of the new coronavirus in China has reached 2118; more than 16 thousand people have recovered.

589,163 people had close contact with those infected with the virus, and 126,363 people are under medical supervision.

Yesterday in Japan, the quarantine for passengers of the Diamond Princess cruise ship ended, and people began to be released on land. Today it became known that two passengers, an 80-year-old man, and a woman, with a positive test for coronavirus, died. Kyodo, citing a source in the government of Japan, reports this. The coronavirus was detected in 621 passengers of the ship.

The coronavirus was recorded in Iran. Two elderly patients died there. How people could get sick is not reported. In total, the coronavirus is found in 26 countries outside mainland China: the most cases are in Singapore and Japan (84 people each), the least in Nepal, Cambodia, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Sri Lanka and Egypt (1 person each).

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