What is forbidden to do Kate Middleton

Not many people know that the life of members of the royal family is fraught with many rules and conventions. Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge and wife of Prince William, is forced to limit herself in many ways.

Kate has the right to vote in parliamentary elections, but she does not want to do this. Monarchs must be impartial and neutral. It is forbidden for the Duchess of Cambridge to give autographs to fans, because the signature of a member of the royal family can then be forged by scammers.

Rather strict rules in clothing. At official and social gatherings, Middleton is forbidden to wear a skirt above the knee, and tights must be worn under the skirt.

Kate is not allowed to wear fur clothes and paint her nails with bright varnish. Moreover, when traveling overseas, the Duchess should always have a black suit in case of a funeral. Even his own funeral.

It is forbidden for Middleton to have personal pages on social networks, because it can be hacked by hackers and leaked important information to the Network. You can’t take selfies either.

Even the duchess’s sleep schedule is monitored, which is quite comical. If, being in the same house with the queen, Kate goes to bed earlier than Elizabeth II, it will be regarded as bad form.

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