What do Biden’s words about the need for stable relations with the Russian Federation hide?

Relations between Moscow and Washington must be stable and predictable, said US President Joe Biden. Political scientist, candidate of political sciences Anna Aryamova commented on the statement.

Relations between Russia and the United States must be stable and predictable, said American leader Joe Biden.
The statement was made at an online event of the Democratic National Committee.

“I made it clear to President Putin in Russia that <...> we should be able to cooperate where we have common interests – on nuclear nonproliferation and climate change,” Biden said.

Speaking about the disagreements between Moscow and Washington, the US President promised to respond to possible cyberattacks and attempts to “harm” the country’s economy.
The Russian-American summit took place in Geneva on June 16.

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Monday in his article in the newspaper “Kommersant” and the magazine “Russia in Global Affairs” noted that the statements coming from Washington after the meeting between Putin and Biden do not correspond to the position that the American side held at the meeting in the Swiss capital.

On the air of Sputnik radio, political scientist, candidate of political sciences Anna Aryamova commented on Biden’s statement, noting that, apart from two potential topics for interaction, the United States still has nothing to offer.

“Unpredictability has always characterized the actions of the United States – Russia is always much more predictable in this regard. Under (former US President Donald) Trump, the United States withdrew from the Open Skies Treaty, the Paris Climate Agreement, and under Biden it returned to it. In Geneva, we can only talk about the beginning of a bilateral dialogue, and it began with basic things: non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, which in any case the two nuclear powers will have to agree on, and the climate. This applies, for example, to the Middle East. Russia also demonstrates a tough stance, defending its interests. This is what causes the discontent of the United States,” Anna Aryamova said.

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