What could endless rings of light look like around black holes

Scientists have shown how endless rings of light around black holes might look like. While mankind cannot see them, therefore scientists can only hypothetically talk about them. About it writes Science Alert.

Last spring, the first photograph of the event horizon of the black hole M87 was made in the history of mankind. The scientific journal Science called this discovery the main scientific event of 2019.

Circle of light around black hole

A group of scientists from the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics conducted a series of studies based on this photograph. According to the general theory of relativity, if a photon of light passes by a black hole, sooner or later it will be in its orbit – this is how photon rings appear around black holes. Scientists believe that in the future there will be a technical opportunity to photograph these photonic rings around supermassive objects.

Black hole models show that the photon ring should create a complex substructure consisting of an infinite number of light rings. This effect arises, among other things, due to the strongest gravity of the black hole. Visually, this can be similar to the effect when a person puts mirrors opposite each other and looks in them.

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