“We are no longer a great country.” Americans condemned Biden’s “gift” to Russia

American readers reacted emotionally to The Wall Street Journal article, in which journalists criticized the energy policy of the US administration.

The article refers to Biden’s decision to suspend the program, which provides for the lease of federal land for the development of oil and gas fields in Alaska. This policy is largely based on the principles of the development of green energy and the fight against climate change. The American media called the US refusal of fossil fuels a gift for countries such as Russia and China.

Commentators questioned the correctness of the decision of the head of the White House.

“In the future, we will repeat:” Do you remember when the United States was a great power?” – wrote a user under the nickname geraghb.

Joe Biden’s energy policy, if he really has one, puts America in the back of the bus,” another agreed.

Many users paid attention to the words of journalists about the “gift.”

“To curtail energy independence, to raise fuel prices, which will lead to higher prices for everything else. Force us to be energy dependent on other countries and let China and Russia make a profit all the time. Great plan,” maighe commented on the article.

“Our president is a gift for Russia and China. We will pay the price for many more years for his decisions,” Reverend112 added.

“Biden canceled 244 years of our nation’s development. Why would he make America weaker and Russia and China stronger? It’s pointless!” one of the readers was indignant.

“Biden cares about other countries, but not about the well-being of the United States. When our economy collapses, it will be the worst days since the Great Depression,” concluded 1776jgt.

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2 thoughts on ““We are no longer a great country.” Americans condemned Biden’s “gift” to Russia”

  1. Biden is a FOOL. Leasing out Alaska !
    Now they will be here in our back yard our Country. Biden Ole Joe is a Socialist. I do not want to ask Government if I can do anything.
    Russia China now in Alaska because of fuel.

  2. I’m really scared to have Biden as President of USA.
    He is selling us out ( giving ).
    There is no way Biden can compare to Putin.
    Putin is going to eat him for breakfast.
    God Please Protect USA


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