Waymo will launch autonomous trucks on June 8

Waymo will launch autonomous trucks on June 8. So far, they will only carry goods – first of all, packages for the elderly and visually impaired.

A company spokeswoman confirmed to The Verge that Waymo autonomous cars will return to the streets on June 8. However, they will not transport passengers yet – they will “carry out charitable delivery of goods.” First of all, deliver products for the elderly, blind and visually impaired.

Judging by the email from one of Waymo’s partners, the resumption of work will include a gradual increase in the number of vehicle operators (not more than one per van) while providing “many security measures.” For example, measuring temperature three times a day. At the same time, employees may refuse to go to work.

The company said that they took this step “after a thorough analysis of the situation.” They noted that the health and safety of their team is their top priority.

One of the engineers who is testing Waymo’s autopilot noted that the company is using a loophole to continue to work on its technology. The company believes that this initiative does not violate the law, it is safe for others and maybe the first step to mass travel. Engadget noted that Waymo and other companies will not resume their usual activities soon.