Wasteland Weekend — the biggest post-apocalyptic festival

Every year, four thousand enthusiasts from around the world gather in the heat and dust of southern California’s Mojave Desert to recreate the world of Mad Max, a popular dystopian action movie. Wasteland Weekend is the world’s largest post-apocalyptic themed festival.

For photographers, this festival is a real miracle. The sparse, post-apocalyptic landscape is the perfect match for motley clothes, painted faces, covered with skulls or goggle glasses of all colors and sizes. The festival is not allowed just spectators must dress in theme.

For four days, participants without electricity and with a limited supply of water recreate the atmosphere of the films of George Miller. The dusty metal of old cars, theme camps, and artificial climbing structures allow visitors to experience the imaginary Apocalypse of Wasteland Weekend.

Crowds of people annually gather in the Mojave Desert in October to plunge into the atmosphere of the wastelands – participants of the festival can show off to each other unimaginable costumes, as well as evaluate the craziest customization of cars.

During the day-parades on painted cars, at night-painted girls in leather bikinis, competitions for a metal grid, concerts with lights soaring into the night sky of the desert-participants approach the festival extremely seriously. Costumes and jewelry are thought out to the smallest detail.

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