Washington has threatened new sanctions against “Nord stream- 2”

The US Ambassador to Germany, Richard Grenell, said that Congress might adopt new sanctions against the “Nord stream-2.”

“The new sanctions are supported by both parties. Despite the election struggle, the legislative process can pass quickly,” he said in an interview with the Handelsblatt newspaper.
According to the diplomat, the purpose of possible sanctions is to prevent the pipe from being put into operation. How this will be implemented in practice, the Ambassador did not specify; one of the possibilities may be fined for companies serving the object.

In the interview, Grenell also demanded that Berlin reconsider its policy towards Russia. According to him, as long as Germany does not pay enough contributions to the budget for that, it should not “bait the beast.”

The diplomat’s statements were critically received in Berlin.

“When the coronavirus pandemic puts countries around the world under heavy pressure, this is not the time to escalate the spiral and threaten further extraterritorial, that is, violating international law, sanctions,” a representative of the country’s economy and energy Minister, Peter Steinmeier, told the newspaper.
Grenell is soon finishing his work in Berlin.