Washington Governor warns of the threat of coronavirus epidemic in the state

Now, according to official statistics, the coronavirus has been detected in 267 residents of the state of Washington.

Washington State Governor Jay Inslee said that he is considering introducing mandatory measures to prevent an increase in cases of coronavirus infection. Inslee said that if “real action” is not taken, the number of infected people in the state could increase to 64,000 within 8 weeks.

According to Inslee, epidemiologists warn that now in the state of Washington, located in the North-West of the United States, the virus is infected from 500 to 2000 people (according to official data, 267 people have been identified), and, given the speed of spread of acute respiratory diseases, this number can double every 5 to 8 days.

Authorities in King County in Seattle, the epicenter of the Washington outbreak, reported on Tuesday 74 more cases of infection and two deaths. In total, 24 people have already died from the coronavirus in the state. Experts believe that in reality, these figures are much higher.

“Whether it’s 500 today, or 1500, or 2000, it will get to very high numbers very soon,” Inslee said.

When asked by a reporter whether he was considering closing schools across the state or only in flashpoint locations, Inslee said he expected information to appear “in a very short time.”

“The termination of any public activity has serious consequences for people’s lives. We need to see if there are ways to reduce or alleviate these consequences,” the Governor said.
“If 1,000 people are infected today, 64,000 people may be infected in the state of Washington in 7-8 weeks, if we don’t slow down this epidemic in some way. And in another week, there may be 120 thousand, and in the next quarter – a million,” the Governor said.
Almost all of the fatalities in Washington were reported among patients at a nursing home in Kirkland. On Tuesday, patients died in two more nursing homes in Seattle and Issaquah. Of the 120 patients at The Kirkland nursing home, 55 were infected. In addition, 64 of the 180 employees of the facility who are now in home quarantine with symptoms of the coronavirus were infected with the coronavirus, a King County official said.

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