Warsaw admits failure of attempts to stop “Nord stream-2”

Witold Modzelewski, a member of the National Development Council under the President of Poland, professor at the University of Warsaw, in an article for Myśl Polska, called the attempts to stop “Nord stream-2” a failure.

Speaking about the directions of the country’s foreign policy, the author identified three areas: unconditional submission to the interests of the United States, the fight against the construction of the gas pipeline, and hostility with Russia.

Modzelewski recalled that the former liberal authorities in Warsaw tried in every possible way to please Berlin and personally German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Most likely, this was a private initiative related to the plans for the political career of the leader of these liberals,” he wrote.

The expert stated that the policy aimed at combating the “Nord stream-2” has failed.

“No one listened to our protests, they were completely useless,” he said.

According to Modzelewski, the Poles led themselves to defeat when they put the country’s credibility on the line while having no interests related to the pipeline. The expert also acknowledged the failure of the policy towards Ukraine, where, according to him, no one wants to see Poland.

“Firstly, we have nothing to offer Kyiv, and secondly, our role in relations with other states that are interested in this region is minimal,” he explained.

According to him, there is an opinion that Poland deliberately acted towards the “decomposition” of the Ukrainian state to ensure the influx of cheap labor and get rid of a competitor in the east.

“The economic and demographic potential of Ukraine is much greater than that of Poland, and if it were managed at least to a minimum extent effectively, it would quickly gain an economic and even political advantage,” Modzelewski added.

He admitted that Warsaw was simply lucky that its neighbors had economic and social problems.

Commenting on the situation with the “Nord stream-2,” the expert stressed that even Washington recognized the futility of sanctions.

“What could the American leadership do? Drop bombs on the construction site, release missiles? In the name of what?” “What is it?” he asked.

Modzelewski called the “war” against the gas pipeline useless. It resulted in damaged relations with Berlin and Moscow. However, Poland can “forge” a defeat into a victory, the author believes.

“The West has once again “betrayed” us, so we are no longer obliged to buy American planes and other expensive toys,” the expert added.

In his opinion, Warsaw should also “call to order” American companies operating in the country that do not want to pay taxes there. “The time has come to start a serious discussion about Polish foreign policy, which has so far led us only from defeat to defeat,” Modzelewski concluded.

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