VR helmet and gesture control: Facebook revealed the concept of the future workplace

Facebook shared on its blog its vision of how office jobs will look in the future.

The company plans to create “super-productive jobs in mixed reality” using VR and AR tools. For example, tracking hand movements with the addition of a regular keyboard and mouse will greatly increase work efficiency, according to the company.

So that a person can work in virtual space and at the same time see a room, cameras are installed on the Oculus Rift or Quest VR headset, which Facebook manufactures.

Moreover, this format will allow you to create a working environment from anywhere in the world, which will lead to the rejection of standard offices. In addition, in the virtual space, colleagues will be able to communicate with each other using their avatars, which will transmit the emotions of an ordinary person – through the artificial intelligence Codec Avatars, which Facebook already has.

Such places may appear in the company over the next 15 years, during which Facebook is going to transfer half of its employees to a remote site.