Volvo Chinese plant switches to renewable energy

Volvo in Chengdu China has completely switched to renewable energy. As a result, the share of electricity from renewable sources in the consumption of the entire production network of the company in the world has increased to 80%.

One hundred percent use of energy from renewable sources at the Chengdu plant (previously the company used electricity from renewable sources by 70%) is one of the steps to create a climate-neutral production by 2025. According to the strategy being implemented, Volvo plans for the period from 2018 to 2025. reduce the total amount of CO2 emissions at a rate of 40% per vehicle produced and by 2040 become a company with zero environmental impact.

Volvo energy

The Swedish manufacturer is constantly working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from its production network and in recent years has been able to achieve significant results. For example, in 2018, 15 thousand solar panels were installed at the Volvo plant in Belgian Ghent, and the company in Swedish Shevd in 2018 was the first among the company’s production sites to reach zero climate impact.

And Volvo’s “climate” plan provides for an increase in the share of electric vehicles by 2025 to 50% of the company’s total sales. The remaining 50% should be in cars with hybrid power plants.

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