Virginia: demonstration in support of gun rights

Increased security measures have been introduced in the state capital in connection with the action.

Thousands of gun rights supporters demonstrated in the Virginia state capital on Monday to protest proposed measures to tighten gun control.

Security has been tightened around the state Capitol. There have been no reports of violence or clashes, according to Capitol Police.

Democratic lawmakers, who recently gained control of both chambers of the state legislature, have made tightening gun control one of their priorities.

On Thursday evening, the Virginia Senate voted to impose mandatory background checks on all gun sales and limit the number of purchases of handguns to one per month. The Senate also passed a bill to restore the right of local governments to prohibit the carrying of weapons in public buildings and other places.

Earlier it was reported that the demonstration, which is held annually by the League for the protection of citizens of Virginia, is planned to be attended by neo-Nazis, as well as members of organizations that defend the right to weapons.

The protesters insist that the state authorities are trying to infringe on the constitutionally guaranteed right to bear arms and that the demonstration will help residents understand how quickly they can lose this right, depending on who wins the election.

Many demonstrators are wear camouflage or combat gear and are armed. T-shirts and other souvenirs with slogans in support of gun rights and President Donald trump are sold on the streets.

Those wishing to enter the Capitol grounds and listen to speeches must pass inspection at the only entrance to the site and leave their weapons outside.

The President on Monday commented on the situation on Twitter: “The Democratic Party in the great Commonwealth of Virginia is making every effort to take away your rights guaranteed by the Second amendment. This is just the beginning. Don’t let this happen, vote Republican in 2020”!

Organizations that advocate for gun rights appealed to the Virginia Supreme Court, asking it to declare the ban unconstitutional, but the court on Friday upheld the ban.

Both houses of the Virginia legislature are expected to support new laws to tighten gun control, including a ban on assault rifles, and the introduction of a “red flag” system aimed at removing guns from people who may pose a threat to others.

Proponents of stricter gun control insist that this will help reduce the number of deaths from firearms.

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