Vietnam recorded the first death from coronavirus

The first death from COVID-19 was recorded in Vietnam during the spread of the new coronavirus pandemic, local newspaper Vietnam News reports, citing the authorities.

It is reported that the death was reported by the Vietnamese steering Committee for the prevention and control of the spread of COVID-19. The patient died under the number 428.

According to the Vietnamese government’s Internet portal published earlier, patient number 428 is a 70-year-old Vietnamese national who was being treated at Da Nang Hospital with a diagnosis unrelated to a coronavirus infection and who contracted COVID-19 while in the hospital. He was registered as a coronavirus-infected patient on July 27.

During the pandemic, 509 people became ill with coronavirus infection in Vietnam, of which 93 were registered between July 25 and 31, including 45 on Friday, July 31. A new outbreak of infection began in the seaside city of Da Nang three months after the previous infection was registered inside the country. There were no deaths from coronavirus in Vietnam before July 31.

Currently, according to the government’s Internet portal of Vietnam, more than 53 thousand people have been placed in quarantine in connection with a new outbreak of infection in the country.