Vietnam announced an outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus

The Vietnamese authorities announced a new outbreak of coronavirus, which mainly occurred in the resort town of Da Nang. In the near future, about 80 thousand tourists will be evacuated from there.

The evacuation will take about four days. Tourists will be transported to other cities in Vietnam on the planes of a local airline. To do this, they will perform one hundred flights to 11 other cities in the country. At the same time, tourists are required to stay in a two-week quarantine. Da Nang city will be closed for visits in the next two weeks.

On July 25, the coronavirus was confirmed in a 57-year-old resident of Da Nang. He did not leave the country for a month, but authorities believe he contracted the infection at a local hospital. Now the resident is on a ventilator and, according to doctors, his condition is assessed as critical. On July 26, two more cases of coronavirus were detected in the city, on July 27 – 11. At the same time, the authorities noted that this is another, even more, contagious strain of coronavirus.

A strict quarantine regime has been introduced in the city – residents can only leave their homes to buy food and medicine, work in a factory, or in case of emergency. People are not allowed to gather on the street and break the distance of 2 m. The authorities are monitoring the contacts of those infected, but more than 100 people passed a negative test.

Vietnam has just over 400 cases and no deaths. Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc on Monday ordered Da Nang residents to maintain social distance and not gather on the streets. In his opinion, the answer must be “decisive”, otherwise the virus could spread throughout the country.

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