Victoria Beckham needs liver lavage due to specific diet

Singer and designer Victoria Beckham suffered from a diet of only two types of food: fish and vegetables. The star was found to have high levels of mercury in the body, according to The Sun newspaper. For some time, Victoria leaned on the sword-fish – it was she who could cause Beckham’s poisoning since she accumulates the poisonous compound methylmercury in herself.

According to a newspaper source, Victoria had to do a liver lavage to rid her body of toxins. “Now she feels great, the same slim and fit,” – said the source of the publication. After the cleansing procedures, Victoria revised her diet by including more salmon and significantly reducing the amount of tuna and swordfish.

A similar thing happened with Robbie Williams. The singer also sat on a fish diet for a long time, consuming seafood several times a day. As a result, he got mercury poisoning. Fortunately, Robbie’s wife takes care of the health of her family and regularly sends them for examinations, after one of which Williams learned about the high level of mercury.

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