Vice President Pence voted in the US presidential election

US Vice President Mike Pence and his wife voted in the presidential election. The second American couple cast their votes in Indiana, which Pence led before arriving at the White House.

The couple voted at a polling station in Indianapolis on absentee ballots. As can be seen on the broadcast, which C-Span conducted, Mike and Karen came to the site in dark blue masks. When they arrived at the station, they talked to the staff from a distance, then went to the ballot box and dropped the ballots in turn. Mike Pence ignored questions from reporters who followed his vote. Dropping the ballot, he put his arm around his wife, and they gave him a thumbs-up with the words: “Thank you, thank you all.” When asked by reporters to say a few words, Pence, holding his wife’s hand, said: “It’s a great honor, and it’s great to be home again.” According to the American tradition, the couple received “I voted” stickers at the end of the vote.

Vice President Pence was Governor of Indiana from 2013 to 2017, before representing the US House of Representatives.

As previously reported, US President Donald Trump and his wife plan to vote in Florida on Saturday morning.

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