Viber has several new anti-spam features

Rakuten Viber has announced the launch of several tools that will reduce the spread of in-app spam.

Messenger users will be able to decide for themselves who can add them to communities and group chats. There will be two options to choose from: anyone or just their contacts. You can change these parameters in the application settings. In addition, invitations to communities and group chats from unknown Viber users will automatically be sent to a new folder with communication requests. This will allow you to structure the main chat list and remove unwanted requests from it.

“Users need to expand their own social networks, but it is equally important to protect themselves from spam. We are constantly working to find the best solutions, such as the functions that we are currently launching. They will help users broaden their horizons without compromising security or privacy”, says Ophir Eyal, COO at Rakuten Viber.

Another upcoming innovation is the secure people search function. As soon as someone searches for a username in the Viber search bar, it will appear with a profile picture. To maintain privacy, all chats with contacts will be protected. For example, it will not be possible to call a person, view his phone number, and online status. Also, everyone will have the opportunity to prohibit the search for their login.

The new security features will be tested first in some countries, and then all Viber users will receive them. Unfortunately, there are no exact dates for the release of the innovations.

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