Vessel for supplying pipes to the “Nord stream-2” returned to Kaliningrad

The supply ship Ivan Sidorenko, which is planned to be used to supply pipes during the completion of the “Nord stream-2” gas pipeline, set a course for Kaliningrad without spending a day at the logistics base of the project, according to data from the marine Traffic vessel tracking portal.

The ship has been in Kaliningrad since July, along with another supply ship, Ostap Sheremet, which is still moored there. In early September, the Ivan Sidorenko arrived in St. Petersburg, and from there went to the German port of Mukran-the logistics base of “Nord stream-2.” The ship reached Mukran on Thursday morning, but in the evening again, set a course for Kaliningrad, arriving there is expected on Friday evening.

The drilling platform supply vessel Ivan Sidorenko was built at the Amur shipyard and commissioned by Gazprom Flot in December 2018. The supplier is designed for operations with semi-submersible floating drilling rigs and has a total navigation area. It is planned to be used to construct the “Nord stream-2” along with another vessel of this type – the Ostap Sheremet, which is currently in Kaliningrad.

Officially, Gazprom in August reported only that it retains plans to complete the “Nord stream-2” and is carrying out the necessary work. The company stressed that it is limited in public disclosure of information, including because the project is under significant pressure.