Vertical batteries for electric vehicles increase the range by 30%

British engineers have come up with an electric car with a vertical battery: this should increase the range

Engineers from British startup Page-Roberts have proposed abandoning the traditional approach to designing platforms where batteries are located in the underbody of a car. If placed in the passenger compartment, the range of electric cars will increase by 30% with the same capacity of the battery pack.

Batteries, according to the startup, should be located in the cabin: vertically between the seats. At the same time, the rear seats unfold – passengers look against the movement of the car – and the electric car itself becomes noticeably lower due to the free space in the lower part of the body.

The new design reduces air resistance by 30% compared to current models. In addition, the developers will be able to reduce the total weight of the car by about 100 kilograms.

Our concept reduces costs, increases efficiency, increases agility and offers design freedom. Efficiency means faster charging times for long-range batteries, so the burden on charging points – another key issue for the industry – will also be reduced.

Mark Simon, CTO of Page-Roberts

Page-Roberts’ design envisions two approaches to the development of light electric vehicles.

  • First, the automaker can extend the range while preserving the capacity of the battery pack.
  • Second: the company will be able to maintain the original range, but reduce the size of the battery, which will significantly affect the cost of the car.

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