Vera Wong, 71, speaks out about the loud reaction to her photo

Usually, the name of Vera Wong appears in the headlines when another of her clients comes out in a dress from a famous designer. This year, journalists became interested in Wong because of her own appearance.

In May, while self-isolating in Miami, the legendary Wong shared a photo in which she poses in a sports bra and white denim shorts. Her tight abs and fragile arms delighted everyone. Netizens noted that even the figure of 20-year-old girls cannot be compared with the forms of Vera. Discussion of the frame is still ongoing on some sites.

As Wong admitted in an interview with People, she was shocked by this reaction.

“The real purpose of this photo was to showcase the hair clip. Even over the years at Vogue as an editor, I have created many photographs and have always been behind the camera. Therefore, I thought of myself as someone who, to be honest, was the creator, and not the subject of discussion, ” the designer emphasized.

As for the secrets of keeping fit, then, according to Wong, she has no regulated routine of life. Although in her youth Vera was a capable skater and studied ballet, now she only occasionally reaches the gym. The fashion designer also does not limit himself to nutrition. Wong loves vodka-based cocktails and is not shy about admitting it.

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