Venice: usually floods, but now the canals are dry

Floods are a common feature of Venice, but this year, due to record tides in the famous Italian city, the opposite phenomenon occurred: many Venetian canals were left without water.

As a result, many gondolas that transport tourists around the city remain on the shore. It will be harder to get around in Venice for many locals, for whom boats and speedboats are the only means of transport.

In the Grand Canal — the largest channel between the islands of the Venetian lagoon – water still remained. But its level has dropped significantly.

Due to the record low tide, the water level in Venice this year decreased by 48 centimeters.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the streets of Venice are still almost empty, but there are still tourists in the city.

Much more often in Venice, you can see these scenes. This photo was taken in San Marco Square in November 2019, when the city experienced the worst flooding in the last 50 years.


The mayor of the city, Luigi Brugnaro, said that global warming is to blame for the sharp changes in water.

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