Vaccine manufacturers in the United States are exempt from lawsuits for side effects

The US authorities have granted Pfizer and Moderna, which develop vaccines against coronavirus infection, immunity from liability for possible serious side effects during vaccination, CNBC reports, citing lawyers.

“It is sporadic that a law on universal immunity is adopted. According to the law, pharmaceutical companies usually do not have sufficient protection,” said Rogge Dunn, a labor and employment lawyer from Dallas, in an interview with the TV channel

According to the TV channel, in February, the US Secretary of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, applied a 2005 law according to which the agency must provide legal protection to companies that produce or distribute essential medical products, including vaccines and medicines, except in cases of “intentional misconduct” on the part of firms. This means that for the next four years, these companies, as CNBC notes, “cannot be sued for damages” related to harm to health due to the use or use of drugs to treat or protect against coronavirus infection.

According to Dunn, this state’s position is connected with the need to create a vaccine against COVID-19 quickly. Also, as the lawyer explained, this will help reduce the cost of the drug.

“The government does not want people to sue the companies that make the COVID-19 vaccine, because in this case, the manufacturers would probably demand a higher price for the dose from the authorities,” Dunn explained.

According to the CNBC material, the US Food and Drug Administration, which approves drugs for mass use, will not be responsible for the side effects of vaccines.

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