USA: The cat was returned home after 15 years

Cat Brandy is happily reunited with her owner, Charles, from Los Angeles 15 years after the loss.

A computer systems technician took home a two-month-old tabby kitten in 2005, Fox News reports. A few months later, the cat went out for a walk in the yard and disappeared somewhere.

Charles was looking for a favourite for a long time but to no avail. He feared that Brandy was hit by a car or might be attacked by a coyote but still hoped that the cat was found and picked up by good people. A few years later, Charles moved to a new house 65 km from the previous one and soon got two new cats.

A few days ago, Charles received a call from the shelter and reported that a cat was found with a microchip, which indicated his phone number.

“I was sceptical. Thought it was a mistake, ” Charles said. – One in a million chance, it’s Brandy. It’s doubtful in 15 years. ” But then the man decided that the microchip was not lying and went to the orphanage.

Charles recognized the cat immediately. She looked older and was very thin. “She basically weighed like a kitten,” Charles said.

“I took her in my arms, and she started to purr. It was very touching,” Charles said. “It was nice to hug her again,” he added.

The man did not dare to settle the cat with two other pets in a one-room apartment. Brandy now lives in his sister’s big house, where Charles visits her.

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