USA: Prisoners riot and take prison warden hostage

In prison in Oklahoma (USA), inmates riot and take a guard hostage, Fox News reports.

A correctional officer was attacked while delivering drugs to prisoners. The criminals tied him up and took the keys.

At the time of the incident, a protocol was used in the institution, in which all prisoners were locked in cells. The warden was later released. He was hospitalized.

According to the TV channel, one of the inmates holding a prison guard hostage was shot and killed by police officers.

In August 2020, it was reported that two inmates escaped from a prison in the US state of Oklahoma using a simple method. They climbed down from the 12th-floor window of the correctional facility using a makeshift rope made of sheets. The convicts tied the end of a 100-meter rope to a metal table’s leg and broke a window to descend to the ground. In their cell, the police found a hand-drawn diagram of the prison.

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