USA Elections: the fate of the presidency is decided in four states

Over the past day, Joe Biden’s chances of being elected President of the United States have grown somewhat: he continues to lead in several important states. However, it is too early to talk about Donald Trump’s loss. The fate of the elections is being decided in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada, where votes continue to be counted.

According to forecasts, so far Joe Biden has received 243 electoral votes, Donald Trump has 214 votes. To win the election, one of the candidates needs to get 270.

According to statistics, more voters have already voted for Joe Biden than for any other US president: about 71.6 million people. Experts explain this by a record turnout over the past 120 years (almost 70%) and a dynamically changing demographic situation.

Meanwhile, we can already say with certainty that the Republicans retained the majority in the Senate. The Democrats’ plans to win 4 seats from them failed. At the same time, the House of Representatives remains under the control of the Democrats.

Any winning candidate will have to deal with a fractured Congress, but this is the news that has had a positive effect on the markets, since, in this scenario, Biden (if he wins) will not be able to influence the rules of Wall Street.

Arizona continues to count the results of the vote, new data may appear in the coming hours. It is this state that has riveted everyone’s attention since the counting began.

It is a traditionally Republican state, with the last Democrat president in Arizona in 1996. At the moment there is a slight advantage – Biden is in the lead, but the gap is small.

Passions are no less intense in Nevada. As of midday Thursday, Joe Biden’s lead here is about 0.6% or about 7.5 thousand votes, and not all ballots have been counted yet. The final results of Nevada are expected tonight, but, according to the forecasts of the American media, Biden’s victory there is almost certain.

We are equally looking forward to data from Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes) and Georgia (16), where Donald Trump is so far in the lead. At the same time, both states are now counting mailed ballots, which are mainly sent from Democratic-supporting areas. Therefore, the gap between the incumbent president and Biden is gradually narrowing.

Donald Trump’s victory has become more elusive, but by no means impossible. It continues to lead the way in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia. If Trump keeps these states, they could give him 51 votes in total.

But this is not enough to win, so Arizona comes to the fore. Winning it is vital for the incumbent.

In turn, for a four-year term in the White House, Biden needs to maintain an advantage in all the wavering states where he is now leading.

Trump intends to challenge the results of the polls in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, and Wisconsin in court, even though the first two states are still counting. In the latter two, the gap between him and Biden is less than 1%, which gives the legal right to demand a recount.

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