USA: a donor’s heart survived a helicopter crash and a fall from a doctor’s hands

The donor’s heart survived the crash of an ambulance helicopter at the hospital site and the fall of a physician who carried it in a container after the accident, Fox 5 reports, citing rescue services, and the hospital’s press service.

On Friday, an ambulance helicopter that was transporting a donor heart to a hospital in Los Angeles made a hard landing on the helipad after 3 pm local time, according to city fire department spokesman Margaret Stewart. The helicopter turned over on its side, the pilot received minor injuries, another person was injured.

After the accident, the surviving heart was handed over to hospital staff. But, as can be seen in the video published by the TV channel, when the doctor carefully carried the container with the heart away from the scene, he stumbled and fell, dropping the box.

However, the donor’s heart remained unharmed again. According to the hospital, within two hours of the helicopter crash, he was transplanted to the patient for whom it was intended.

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