US TV channels interrupted Trump’s speech

A number of major US cable TV channels did not fully broadcast the speech of US President and Republican candidate Donald Trump, during which he accused his opponents of machinations. The channels that did not broadcast the full speech of the president included MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNBC, and NBC.

The channels interrupted Donald Trump’s speech after he said that the election organizers were counting invalid ballots.

We are interrupting the broadcast because what the President of the United States has just said is mostly completely wrong, Shepard Smith, CNBC host

He noted that the facts of manipulation have not been proven, and Trump did not provide his own evidence.

“We are again in an unusual position: we not only interrupt the US president but also correct him,” said MSNBC presenter Brian Williams during the broadcast (the channel was posted on Twitter by CNN journalist Oliver Darcy).

The USA Today newspaper also interrupted the broadcast of Donald Trump’s speech on its social media accounts, as well as deleted the recordings from its platforms. “President Trump said unsubstantiated that the presidential election was corrupt and flawed … Our job is to spread the truth, not baseless conspiracy theories,” USA Today editor-in-chief Nicole Carroll told the newspaper on Twitter.

Donald Trump’s November 6 briefing was the first since voting day. Trump said he wins the presidential elections if only “legal votes” are counted. He, among other things, accused the Democratic Party and the major media of manipulating ballots and polls. His opponent, the US presidential candidate from the Democratic Party Joe Biden, earlier called for calmly waiting for the final count of all votes.

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