US tightens restrictions on technology exports to Russian military

The United States has again tightened export restrictions on the supply of goods to Russia, as well as to China, Ukraine, Armenia, Belarus. Innovations will affect the export of semiconductors, computers, telecommunications equipment, and a number of other goods. Now they will need a license. The Pentagon fears that this equipment may be used for the production of weapons.

Yesterday, June 29, two new rules from the US Department of Commerce Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) entered into force. All of them are aimed at limiting the potential export of sensitive technologies to Russia.

The first rule applies to American exporters, who previously could supply a relatively wide range of goods to Russia without a license. Now they cannot continue to do this as freely: they will need to obtain a special license from the US Department of Commerce. We are talking about such products as bearings, semiconductors, computers, telecommunications equipment, radar systems, equipment for the production of aircraft engines, and more.

The second part extends the definition of “military use” of goods. Now, the already small volume of the Russian defense sector will become less likely to purchase American goods, technologies, and software. “final military users” will mean the armed forces, the national police, the national guard, intelligence services, as well as “any person or organization whose actions or functions are designed to support the military use” of the product.

The changes will affect iPhone companies and copies of Microsoft Windows. Now, their trade with “military” users will be almost impossible.