US Supreme Court rejects Trump’s latest election appeal

It concerned the recount of votes in the state of Wisconsin.

The US Supreme Court rejected on Monday the latest appeal of former President Donald Trump over the review of the results of the country’s last November election, in which he lost to the current head of state Joe Biden. The Reuters news agency reports this.

The Supreme Court rejected an appeal concerning a recount in Wisconsin, where Trump received about 20,000 fewer votes than Biden. It was the last of three election appeals filed by Trump at the end of his presidential term. The judges rejected it without further explanation.

Before that, on February 22, the court rejected two more similar appeals by Trump, one of which also concerned Wisconsin and the other the results of the Pennsylvania elections.

Earlier, the Supreme Court rejected the lawsuit of the Attorney General of Texas Ken Paxton, supported by the current president, with a request to invalidate the election results in the states of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. According to the plaintiff, these swing states, for which there was a fierce struggle between Trump and Biden, did not comply with the rules regarding the processing of ballots, including those sent by mail.

After the election, Trump and his supporters repeatedly appealed to the courts to recount votes in some states. However, the Republican’s actions were not successful; the lawsuits were rejected by the courts, including the US Supreme Court. On January 20, the new US president Joe Biden was inaugurated.

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