US Senators agree on unemployment benefits in a new economic package

According to the Associated Press, the Democrats managed to come to a compromise solution-to reduce the amount of additional payments to $300 per week but extend them until September 6.

US Democratic senators reached an agreement on Friday night on the issue of unemployment benefits, allowing them to move forward in the process of approving a new package of stimulus measures for the US economy affected by the consequences of the pandemic. The Associated Press reports this.

As the agency explains, the version of the bill adopted earlier by the House of Representatives provides additional payments of $400 per week until the end of August. Representing the moderate wing of the Democrats, Senator Joe Manchin (from West Virginia) disagreed with this provision of the bill. In a situation where the seats in the US Senate are equally divided between representatives of both parties, the lack of support from Manchin is critical for Democrats.

After many hours of discussions, the Democrats managed to come to a compromise solution – to reduce the amount of additional payments to $300 per week, but to extend them until September 6. In this case, tax benefits will apply to payments. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in a written statement that US President Joe Biden supported the agreements reached by the Democrats.

On Thursday, a $1.9 trillion package of economic measures passed a procedural vote in the Senate only thanks to Vice President Kamala Harris. According to the legislation of the country, she is the president of the Senate. She can vote if the positions of the legislators are equally divided when considering a particular issue.

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