US senator called for a “comprehensive response” to Russia’s “cyber-attacks”

Republican senator Marco Rubio called on the country’s authorities to respond to cyberattacks previously organized on federal agencies.

“The methods used to conduct cyberattacks are consistent with Russian cyber operations,” he wrote on Twitter.

At the same time, the legislator pointed out that it is necessary to have “full confidence in who is behind these crimes.

In his opinion, the United States in this matter should not be mistaken in statements to further “respond with a set of necessary measures, and not just sanctions.””

Earlier, Reuters, citing sources, reported that a group of hackers supported by the government of one of the foreign countries gained access to the system of the US Treasury and the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and stole their data.

As The Washington Post newspaper wrote, citing sources, Russian hackers are suspected of hacking, but the publication does not provide evidence for this assumption.

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