US Senate says Boeing 737 MAX Pilots Wrong Training

Boeing improperly trained pilots during certification tests of the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, which were suspended due to plane crashes, the US Senate ruled.

“During the re-certification testing of the 737 MAX, Boeing improperly tampered with the Human Factors simulator in pilot response time testing, providing for a failure of the aircraft control enhancement system,” the Senate investigation report said.

It is noted that Boeing employees could also influence the pilots undergoing testing, as well as inform them in advance what exactly they need to do.

“The FAA and Boeing have tried to hide important information that may have contributed to the 737 MAX tragedies,” the Senate report said.

The Senate also recorded many violations by not only the Boeing Corporation but also the US Federal Aviation Administration in the field of security.

Flights of the 737 MAX were suspended in the United States and many other countries after two such airliners crashed. In March 2019, a Boeing 737 MAX of Ethiopian Airlines crashed near the Ethiopian city of Debre Zate. There were 157 people on board, all of whom died. In October 2018, the same plane of the Indonesian Lion Air crashed, killing 189 people.

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