US Senate passes a major package of sanctions against Russia

The US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee has approved a major package of anti-Russian sanctions that obliges US President Donald Trump to impose prohibitive measures against Russia’s sovereign debt.

Bloomberg reported this. Senators were supposed to vote for this initiative last week. Now the Senate of the whole, which has the right to adjust it, will consider the document.

The US Chamber of Commerce opposed the bill. Its experts argue that the measure will cause huge damage to American companies. The organization had previously provided the Committee with the view of the business community, which said that sanctions could not be made “punitive” but could only be directed against “specific targets.”

A ban on Russian sovereign debt would prevent US banks from buying bonds in rubles, which would “limit the ability of these banks to serve their US corporate clients operating in Russia.” The house strongly recommended revising the bill “on the protection of American security from the aggression of the Kremlin” (DASKA).

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