US Senate confirms Ratcliffe as Director of national intelligence

The Senate confirmed John Ratcliffe as Director of national intelligence, according to the results of the vote.

49 Republican senators voted for Ratcliffe’s candidacy, 44 Democrats were against it.

Ratcliffe will replace acting Director Richard Grenville, who, as the media wrote, intends to join the campaign staff of Donald Trump.

Ratcliffe was previously elected to the House of Representatives from Texas, and belonged to the conservative wing of the Republicans. Trump announced his nomination in July 2019, but Ratcliffe withdrew his candidacy after being criticized by senators. However, Trump was again nominated again in February.

The Director of national intelligence coordinates the activities of 17 American intelligence agencies that are part of the intelligence community, including the CIA, NSA, FBI (counterintelligence), specialized departments of the state Department, the Pentagon, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of energy, and other agencies.