US Secret Service to change Biden’s security detail

Employees are suspected of violating the apolitical status of the service.

In the coming weeks, the US Secret Service plans to add several of its agents who worked with President-elect Joseph Biden when he was vice president to the security team. This is supposed to be done in connection with suspicions that have arisen in Biden’s entourage that some service employees may sympathize with the current President Donald Trump. The Washington Post reported.

The publication notes that in recent months, the Secret Service is being checked in connection with the emergence of reports that employees of the presidential security team recommended that their colleagues do not wear protective masks in the presence of Trump, who is not a supporter of such a measure of protection from coronavirus infection. The agency last year also agreed that the former head of the presidential security team, Anthony Ornato, became a political adviser to the White House. As the newspaper writes, such actions cast a shadow on the “apolitical status” of the Secret Service.

The agency Catherine Milhoan’s official representative assured the newspaper that the Secret Services specified status remains unchanged. “It remains strictly committed to the high standards of performance in carrying out such operations [providing protection], remains completely apolitical and unrelated to the political parties of protected persons,” the publication quotes Milhoan as saying. As for the “operational security practices” carried out by the agency, it does not comment on it, Milhoan added.

InIn an interview with The Washington Post, a former Secret Service official, a former Secret Service official called the idea of introducing people he knows to the president-elect’s security team reasonable. “It is good if he will be with people whom he knows and trusts, and who, for their part, know how he acts,” explained the unnamed source of the publication.

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