US schoolchildren made an open source prosthesis. Anyone can print it

Young scientists from the United States presented free prostheses that can be printed anywhere in the world. Their parameters can be changed and adjusted for specific needs.

A young robotics team from Sequoia High School in Canton, Georgia, presented a design and schematic for 3D printing custom prostheses. They can be sent free of charge to people around the world. Researchers can edit the desired parameters and print the prosthesis free of charge to anyone who wishes.

“The beauty of this project is that it can be done remotely or with limited access – this will not affect the quality of the prosthesis. Thus, our goal is to finish working with current clients and ask for new applications from those people who are on vacation, ”the researchers noted.

The 25 members of the school’s robotics team use the same equipment that they originally had in the laboratory. The 17-year-old scientists also said that the students are also happy to interact with clients who require prostheses. This way, they can understand the challenges and needs they face and how technology can help them.

However, in case of personal contact, researchers can adjust the prosthesis for a specific person. For example, one client-controlled only his little finger, and the researchers were able to adjust the design so that his finger was connected to the prosthesis.

“Many devices already on the market are costly, and even if you are lucky enough to get a device with normal material, it often feels like they are made of shoes. Low-cost 3D printed fabrication opens up access to more people who need them, and also means that the prosthesis can be tailored to the specific needs of the human body, ”the researchers noted.

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