US Navy floating hospital Comfort went from Virginia to New York

President Donald Trump attended the ship’s departure ceremony.

President Donald Trump visited the port of Norfolk in Virginia on Saturday. The head of state attended the ceremony of sending a floating hospital to New York Harbor, where the hospital ship is supposed to help the city’s hospitals, which are overcrowded due to the influx of patients with the new coronavirus.

The USNS Comfort is expected to arrive in New York on Monday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said on Friday. The ship is equipped with 1,000 beds for patients not infected with coronavirus, which will free up hospital space and relieve local doctors who can concentrate on treating patients infected with COVID-19.

Yesterday, Andrew Cuomo answered questions from reporters at a press conference held at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan, turned by the US Army corps of Engineers into a temporary hospital to treat thousands of patients with coronavirus.

“It will be weeks, weeks and weeks,” Cuomo said, referring to the military. “You’re on a rescue mission. And no matter how hard we work, we can’t save everyone.”

The commander of the Engineering Corps, Lieutenant General Todd Semonite, said that by Monday morning, 2910 hospital wards would be equipped in the center of Javits.

Army chief of staff James McConville said earlier this week that two 300-bed army hospital units would be able to begin receiving New York patients on Monday.

New York is desperately trying to build capacity to treat patients, as the number of cases of coronavirus infection continues to grow. According to Cuomo, the state now has 53,000 beds, but 140,000 patients with the coronavirus will be admitted to hospitals in the coming days.

Author: Flyn Braun
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