US military personnel at an airbase in Kuwait were diagnosed with a coronavirus

The coronavirus was detected in us military personnel at the Ahmad al-Jaber air base in Kuwait.

Earlier it was reported that COVID-19 was detected in 37 military personnel at the US airbase on the island of GUAM.

According to the portal, over the past few weeks, COVID-19 was detected in approximately 30 military personnel stationed at the airbase.

“Although we will not publish the exact number of COVID-19 cases, we can confirm that at the airbase in Kuwait, where a number of us Central command personnel are located, there is a group of cases (infection),” the portal quotes a statement from a representative of the command.

According to Johns Hopkins University, 2,590,582 infected people have been identified in the United States, and more than 126,000 people have died. It is noted that more than 705 thousand people have recovered.