US launches first green hydrogen plant

In the United States launched the first plant for the production of green hydrogen. This project uses the plasma heating method that was invented by NASA.

Solena Group has launched the first commercial project worth about $ 55 million in Lancaster, PA. Solena is one of the companies that has been looking for ways to cheaply produce hydrogen without harmful emissions for several years. They want to become the main supplier of clean fuels that could replace oil and gas in the future.

“If we continue to produce energy as we did, then after 50 years our planet will not be recognizable. We are pleased to find new ways to produce green fuel and spread our ideas throughout the country, ”the company noted.

The energy company will produce hydrogen using plasma heating technology – this method was first developed by NASA. For it, special torches are used, in which, when an electric current flows through the discharge gap, a plasma is formed, which is used to process materials.

Hydrogen has long been considered as a promising technological area of ​​long-term energy storage. However, the researchers noted their advantages – they can store excess in a solid material – sodium borohydride. It can absorb hydrogen like a sponge and then release it back.

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