US Justice Department asked to dismiss the lawsuit following the election results

The US Department of Justice has asked the federal court of Texas to refuse to consider the lawsuit of Republicans demanding to recognize the right of Vice President Mike Pence to determine which electoral votes to take into account when they are counted on January 6 for the presidential election formally. CNBC reports this.

Recall that on January 6, the US Congress must finally approve the voting of electors for the presidential election. A meeting with their participation was held on December 14.

The lawsuit against Pence came from Republican Louie Gohmert of Texas.

According to the TV channel, the Ministry of Justice, in this case, represents the interests of Pence, who will lead the meeting on January 6. The Vice President of the United States is being sued as a defendant. The Justice Department pointed out that the statement of the issue expressed by the Republicans in the lawsuit contradicts the current legislation.

“The defendant respectfully requests that the applicants’ urgent claim be dismissed because the satisfaction demanded by the plaintiffs does not properly apply to the vice-president,” the appeal to the court reads.

According to the department, the Senate and the House of Representatives hold the relevant powers.


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