US intelligence suspected Russia of attacks with “directed energy”

US intelligence suspects that Russia is behind the alleged attacks using “directed energy” against employees of United States civil servants, unnamed representatives of the American intelligence community told the Washington Post.

Earlier in June, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the United States administration does not know who is responsible for the alleged attacks of this type.

According to the publication, the attacks were allegedly carried out using microwaves or other types of “directed energy”. At the same time, a senior administration official told the newspaper that in the conditions of the new stages of investigations, “we need to make sure that we understand everything correctly.”

In May, the newspaper Politico, citing sources, reported that the United States suspects the Russian GRU of alleged attacks with “directed energy” against United States intelligence officers around the world, Washington does not have strong evidence of its accusations, the reason for the incidents with the deterioration of the health of American intelligence officers is still unknown, the publication noted.

A group of US diplomats and other government officials earlier appealed to the State Department to provide the victims of the “acoustic attacks” in Cuba with proper care and medical care. According to NBC, the letter was written on behalf of 21 US civil servants and their spouses who suffered from the “Havana syndrome” in Cuba and China, as well as those whose symptoms were not confirmed. In their appeal, they provided 11 recommendations on how the US administration can ensure the safety and provision of medical care for its employees. The authors of the letter also ask to find out what caused the “syndrome.” The official representative of the State Department told the TV channel that the agency is aware of the existence of the letter and “is ready to discuss its contents with all interested parties.”

Earlier it was reported about the “Havana syndrome” among US diplomats in Cuba in 2016 and 2017, as well as in China in 2018. It was assumed that the diplomats could have been exposed to an unidentified sound effect. Some US diplomats have experienced long-term health consequences. The US State Department has not come to any definite conclusion as to what exactly caused the syndrome. Periodically, the press in the United States accused Russia of organizing “acoustic attacks,” the Russian Foreign Ministry called these accusations “complete absurdity and strange insinuations.”

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