US intelligence has called UFOs a threat to flight safety

The Pentagon has released a private and public report on the UFO encounter. In the document they are called “a threat to the national security of the country.”

The US Pentagon has released a report on UFOs – the document consists of an open and a closed part. The text says that all observations of unidentified flying objects in recent years are divided into several categories, require additional study and remain mostly “unexplained and unidentified.”

“The limited number of high-quality reports on unidentified aerial events prevents us from drawing accurate conclusions about the nature or intentions of UFOs,” says the executive summary of the report published by the Office of the country’s Director of National Intelligence.

The text notes that there are several types of UFOs – the researchers determined this based on their types of appearance and behavior. “UFOs are clearly a safety issue and could pose a threat to US national security,” the executive summary says.

According to the nine-page document, each UFO report will now fall into one of five categories – aerial object, natural atmospheric phenomena, development programs of the US government or industry, foreign adversary systems, and the general basket “other”.

The authors of the document reported eleven “documented UFO encounters with pilots reporting close encounters with them.” However, the report goes on to say that they do not have sufficient data to determine if any of the UFOs belong to a potential enemy or they are of unknown origin.

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