US imposes sanctions on India for buying S-400

The US demanded that India abandon the Russian S-400 and buy American air defense-otherwise sanctions.

The United States of America demanded that India immediately and unconditionally terminate the contract for the purchase of Russian s-400 air defense systems. As an alternative, Washington offers India to purchase American air and missile defense systems, otherwise threatening to impose robust sanctions.

“Assistant Secretary of state for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice wells called on India to choose American air defense systems instead of Russian ones. Otherwise, official New Delhi may face sanctions. The diplomat was asked whether it could be a question of sanctions pressure. The relevant law, she said, is a priority for the Congress, so the question of sanctions is “not removed.”

It should be clarified that this is not the first threat from the United States to India. However, it is noteworthy that the statement of Alice wells made a lot of noise in the Indian media, where it is reported that at the moment, it is time to think about whether to acquire Russian air defense equipment.

There are no official statements from India in this regard yet. However, earlier, the leader of this country said that India does not plan to refuse to buy Russian S-400 since the latter must provide maximum protection from threats of air and missile attacks. Given the current situation on the border with China, the refusal of “Triumphs” can turn into a huge problem for new Delhi.