US geneticists announced the artificial origin of the coronavirus

The genetic characteristics of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, which causes COVID-19, indicate its artificial origin.

Scientists said that the pathogen COVID-19 has a genetic trace that has never been seen in natural coronavirus.

The authors of the article, M.D. Stephen Quay and UCLA professor Richard Mueller, proposed to consider the genetic trace of SARS-CoV-2, which is not observed in natural coronavirus.

The authors in a new work have demonstrated that they can significantly increase the lethality of coronavirus by inserting a special sequence into its genome in the most appropriate place, the article says.

At the same time, there are no traces of manipulations, despite the fact that they change the structure of the virus, allowing it to more easily introduce genetic material into the victim cell.

In fact, in the whole class of coronaviruses, including CoV-2, such a CGG-CGG combination has never been identified in the wild. This means that the usual method of acquiring new skills by viruses, called recombination, is not applicable here. A virus simply cannot take over such a sequence from another virus if no other virus possesses it.

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Quay and Müller argue that the Wuhan lab was known for conducting “functional enhancement” studies in which scientists “deliberately overloaded viruses to increase mortality.”

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2 thoughts on “US geneticists announced the artificial origin of the coronavirus”

  1. Now we’re getting somewhere! Hope we don’t blame it on the Chinese when Bill Gates and Fauci actually financed this research for the sole purpose of depopulation! You shouldn’t blame your evils on another. That’s called false witnessing and it’s punishable by death in the Bible. Oh, and the vaccination was also patented by…. gates!

  2. It’s so obvious that this virus was man made and was put out into the world on purpose. For one population control. This has been going on forever but it’s nvr gotten so in depth as now. We all know or should know that in 10-20 years our resources won’t feed this planet so it’s been in the works for several years to get rid of people. Yes our own govt is getting rid of our loved ones. These rich a……s! Decides to put a patented man made virus out here on earth to kill off people and blow this thing out of proportion mr fauci. You’re something else. You can’t tell the truth if your life depended on it! You have done nothing but contradict yourself every other day and done nothing but stutter over being caught red handed over funding this virus! You should b given a special vaccine along with a few other ex I won’t name. You all are a bunch of lying hypocrites and you should b ashamed of yourselves. All this microchip stuff is all true. Stop lying to this country. Tell them what’s going to happen to all those that took the vaccine. Go ahead tell them! They will will be zombies. Your little puppets out killing all of those that refused the vaccine. Oh just get one of the shots. Desperate boys aren’t we. It only takes one shot to get the chip inside you and only one shot to turn you into the walking dead. Biden is not for the greater good. Nor is fauci nor gates. You three should go make up some suicidal vaccine and give it to each other. While you’re capturing all the little kids from the bother watching all your transgender shows. Wow. Our country has sunk from a sweet 10 to a negative 3 in what 5 months ! Way to go joe !! You’re a special kind od f stupid! People are nuts to continue to stand by you thinking our country is getting better and you’re getting it there. As you select your Vice President and have done nothing but make racist comments and giving her the immigration situation and she knows nothing about ! We kno you did that for a reason to let the people see just how stupid she really is right. Right. Well you might along w fauci and gates look in the mirror yourselves cuz you three really aren’t rocket scientist. Matter of fact some folks out here that really work for a living have caught on to you alls games quite awhile back. Good try hero’s. Isn’t about time you thre got together and did a friendly pact. Plz do. Do the United States a favor. Ok. Thanks


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