US Federal forces will leave Portland

Federal forces will leave the American city of Portland, where there are riots, and they will be replaced by local police, said Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

“After discussions with the Vice President (Mike) Pence and others, the Federal government agreed to withdraw Federal officers from Portland. They acted as occupying forces and brought violence with them. Starting tomorrow, all Border and customs enforcement officers and immigration and customs enforcement officers will leave downtown Portland,” Brown wrote on Twitter.

“Officers of our local Oregon state police will be in the center of the city to protect the rights of Oregonians to free speech and maintain peace. Let’s focus on the demands of the Black Lives Matter movement to ensure justice for all races and police accountability,” the Governor added, also calling for police reform.

Federal law enforcement officers have been keeping order in Portland for a number of days, where there are nightly riots. Local elected officials, mostly belonging to Democrats opposed to President Donald Trump, condemned the actions of Federal authorities.