US Embassy in China: American died of coronavirus in Wuhan

A US citizen has died of a new coronavirus in Wuhan, China, representatives of the US Embassy in Beijing said on Saturday.

The Embassy said the 60-year-old American died on February 6 at the Jinyintan hospital in Wuhan. In addition, in Wuhan, another fatal case was registered among foreigners: a Japanese citizen was the victim of viral pneumonia, probably caused by a coronavirus. The reliability of this information has not yet been verified.

On Saturday, the state Department officially announced that two special flights from Wuhan province with US citizens, their next of kin and legal permanent residents of the United States had arrived safely in the United States the day before. As with other recent evacuation flights, all passengers will be thoroughly checked and their health status will be monitored by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Washington has also offered up to $ 100 million in aid to China and other countries that have experienced an outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said this on Friday.

“This commitment – along with hundreds of millions of generous donations from the American private sector – demonstrates the confident leadership of the US in responding to the outbreak,” Pompeo said.

In China, 722 people have already died from the coronavirus, and the number of new infections has already reached 31,774. Deaths from the new coronavirus have already surpassed the SARS virus outbreak that occurred in 2002 and 2003 in mainland China and Hong Kong.

Cases of coronavirus infection have been reported in at least 23 other countries. Two people have died from coronavirus in other countries so far – in particular, one fatal case was registered in the Philippines.

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